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Facing financial issues is stressful and overwhelming. Traffic tickets can be serious and affect your ability to drive, and the heavy fines are hard to fathom. If you or your business is facing a lot of debt or overwhelming medical expenses, you may be at a loss for how to pay them all off. Student loans can take years to pay off, and having the burden of a steep monthly payment is hard to deal with.

Financial Legal Issues Are My Specialty

I am attorney Darren Delafield. From my office in Roanoke, Virginia, I am dedicated to providing each of my clients with the legal advice they need. These matters are not easy to deal with, but I am here to help you understand your situation — and how we can solve it.

I represent clients in a variety of matters: Fighting traffic tickets and DUIs, helping you through bankruptcy and homestead exemptions for you and your business, student loan rehabilitation, creating estate plans and more. With 20 years of experience and financial knowledge under my belt, you can be confident that I will provide candid legal advice that fits your unique situation and gets you on the right track.